Wednesday, February 1, 2012

11 things for Feb 1st

1) Every time I pick up a $27 can of formula, I cringe a little bit. It lasts about 3 days, so we're saying it costs about $9/day to feed our baby S (after having been free for 6 months). HOWEVER. Formula has been LIFE CHANGING for us. The best kind of change. She is so happy, so balanced, so settled and SO SLEEPING. She slept 12 hours plus the past 2 nights. STRAIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT. I started giving her oatmeal 2 times a day this week so maybe there is some small coincidence that the solids are a part of this sleep magic, but considering most of it ends up on the bib just yet? I cannot imagine that it is the sole reason for said sleep awesomeness.

2) She also cut her 2 bottom front teeth this week. And I am kinda like HOW THE HECK did that happen?!?!? Because she hasn't been terribly fussy and is sleeping better than ever. I theorize she used up all her night waking the first 6 months and we are on a sleep easy train from here on out? (wishful thinking, to say the least)

3) Being well rested is wonderful. I feel like a totally different person than I was 3 weeks ago. No one appreciates this more than the people who live under this roof with me.

4) The baby also went through a major growth spurt at some point in the past few weeks. She shot right out of all her 6M size clothes so I hurried up to buy what cold weather 9M stuff I could find. And? She is totally filling them out already, doesn't look big on her at all. I suspect she'll be in 12M before I blink.

5) Oatmeal. She's doing pretty good with it. I also gave her a sippy cup for the first time. She makes the most hilarious face whenever she actually gets water out of it.... a total "WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!" face. Then she opens her mouth wide and all the water spills out on to her. I am going to start giving her apple later this week.

6) With the sleeping and the eating and teeth emergence also seems to have come a new found mobility. She is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I leave her in one spot and find her completely across the room when I come back. So, no more leaving the baby alone for a quick second. Anyone know where I can find a baby cage?

7) Little L is doing GREAT. Potty training is just done, it seems. I'm still doing pull-ups for sleep and plan to continue that until she asks me not to herself. She wakes up dry most of the time so she's not really relying on them. I think they are more for my comfort than hers. (I do enough laundry as it is, let's not tempt the fates) It is weird hearing the toilet just randomly flush on its own and not having to worry about changing her, but I love it.

8) She is such a chatterbox, it gets better/funnier everyday. I cannot believe some of the things that come out of her mouth. She also makes up her own songs and will stand on "THE STAGE" (our fireplace hearth) and sing her lungs out while dancing. I took a video of this the other night and realized we were going on 10 minutes of filming. She also really loves to make us laugh. I suspect we have a little performer on our hands.

9) I am cooking like crazy again. I am so glad to have that "WHAT ON EARTH CAN I EAT?!?!" pressure gone off of me. I have moments where I'll be eating and pause and FREAK that I just ate something I wasn't supposed to... and then I realize it is ok. I think the best part of this is being out and not feeling like I have to rush home just so I can eat something. Going to the mall is no longer terribly worrisome, like I have to HURRY HURRY HURRY and get out of the before we all get hungry. And? I gave baby S a bottle at the mall the other day and it was just so EASY. I know a lot of people are fine nursing in public, but I never was, so I spent a great deal of stress planning out feeding since FEW public places have private areas for nursing mothers (though, if you live in DFW, NorthParkMall has totally got the BEST nursing set up ever). Just pulling a bottle out of a bag and popping it in was so nice and easy. Everyone was happy. Especially Little L, we were at the DISNEYSTORE!

10) Speaking of Disney, I think we've decided to go later this year--hopefully in the fall. People will think we are crazy for taking a 3 year old and a 1 year old but we don't really care. I think it will be a ridiculous amount of fun. Plus? I haven't been out of Texas in 5 years so I NEED A VACATION. I'd like to make it a long enough trip so we can hit the beach, too. We were thinking about taking a cruise but then, literally, within an hour of discussing it that whole Italy thing happened. So, no. No cruise for us.

11) How is it February already? How is that even POSSIBLE?! I pray you are all having a lovely Feb 1st and many blessings to you all this month.


  1. Ahh, you sound so happy. I love it. Just think - only 6 more months of crazy expensive formula. You can do it!

  2. If you are using En.famil, you totally need to get a card. You can get a giant can of formula there for less than a regular sized can costs everywhere else. They also have Sim.lac there too. The card will pay for itself within the first four cans of formula.

    I had a hard time giving up nursing too, but once I did, it was amazing how much easier life was.

    We're doing Disney this fall too! I'm so excited. I can't wait to take BB to Disney Land. We opted for Land versus World because we want to go in Sept, which is peak hurricane season in FL. We'll do World in the spring sometime in the next couple years.

  3. yay formula magic! so glad it is working and that you have more freedom! food is one of the best things about this life, can't imagine giving up any of it :) haha. yay disney! take me!!! love the pics, luv ya!

  4. I am so glad everything is working so well for you, especially on the sleep front. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be a) well-rested and b) able to eat whatever you want without fear. Hopefully we will get there one day too.

    Love the updates on (not-so) little L. as well!


  5. I am so happy that you've found balance and what works for your little one! Nursing in public is hard for me, too, so I hear you on that one. And as Alison said about, only a few more months of it. I actually started the switch to milk with Elaina and Abigail (my formula-fed kiddos) when they were like 10-11 months. Zoƫ drinks Lactaid because it is supposed to be easier to digest.

    Anyway had to say how relieved I am that you are able to eat again and that S is doing wonderfully with the switch.

  6. *As Alison said above, only a few more months of [formula]. Oy I didn't type that out clearly, ha ha!

  7. Too bad Northpark Mall doesn' have an indoor play area like the Galleria does in Dallas? What's up with that? I LOVE Northpark anyways though!
    I think its the formula making her sleep better. ;) I know you don't want to hear that.

    So proud of L for being potty Trained. GO MEL! :) It's all you baby! Have fund at Disney! We would so take our 3 year old boys, but we are broke and getting out of debt, so I'm thinkg Christmas 2014 when they turn 5!

  8. this post makes me smile!
    i SO SO SO understand the formula costs - i figured out some tricks to keep the cost down, i'll share if you are interested :)
    sounds like S is growing fast and taking names, which is just amazing.
    and L being potty trained? cna she visit her friend G in OH and give her some pointers because OHMYGOSH we are getting no where fast on that front and it is more than annoying.
    AND on Disney - you are going to have a freaking awesome time!!! I can't wait to take Gianna back next year, like i want to start planning it already - and, god willing, we will be taking a smaller person than her with us on that trip, and i don't care who thinks we are crazy - your girls are going to have a fabulous time and i guarantee you will have an even better one (and need a vaction from your vacation ;) )