Wednesday, February 29, 2012


7 months and the wonderful baby

Baby S turned 7 months old and it is as if she is a whole new person. She just seems huge all of the sudden. I had to bump her up to size 4 diapers (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and she's looking mighty snug in her 9 month sleepers so I ordered a handful (ahem, BOATLOAD) of cute spring-y and summer-y 12 month size clothes. Formula is still going well. She is presently sick with snot and coughing GALORE. Again. I feel like she is healthy for 2 weeks and sick for 2 weeks and this is just the ever present pattern in our home. For a while I was feeling all sheepish and this is the price for formula feeding because, you know, Little L was NEVER sick as a wee baby and I totally attributed so much of that to the fact she nursed until 12 months.... but then I started noticing that even my mom friends who were still nursing their babies were ALSO fighting lots of sickness right now. And these said babies all have older siblings.... and then... my a-ha moment, of course. It is the big kids who are walking germ pools that are quite likely the source of most of this sickness drama. That and the blooming pear trees and flowers and grass all over the joint causing allergies and sinus infections. Why can't little babies take zy.rtec or clari.tin? I DIGRESS. Otherwise, the baby is marvelous. She is hilarious, in fact, with loads and loads of precious personality. She is eating some solids, namely oatmeal, apples, sweet potatoes, banana, squash and she's exploring her interest of water from a sippy cup. I'll take that as just fine for now. No tummy issues, still on prev.acid and probiotics, and doing really well. Still sleeping 12 hours at night (unless she wakes up to cough out a lung while sick) and taking 2 naps a day. She is one adorable little munchkin who has figured out exactly how to look at the monitor camera in her room and cry "MAMA" in the most pathetic little voice when she absolutely cannot stand to be away from me anymore. She babbles only "mama" and "baba" so far, but those MAMA's are so perfectly timed that I kinda think she knows exactly what she's saying. (Maybe because I ALWAYS respond???) I get HUGE open mouth kisses on a regular basis, she loves to be held, gives enormous neck hugs and loves rolling around on the floor with her toys. She is doing great big push ups and sort of showing interest in getting on her knees and ALMOST able to sit up on her own. I think she's actually going to be a slow mover in the crawling/walking department like her sister was and friend, I AM OK WITH THAT. Take your time, baby girl. My world with a mobile baby is a terrifying thought right now.

Birthday party

I'm struggling to wrap my mind around the idea that someone is going to be 3 years old on Sunday. How is it possible?!?!?! I cannot believe how fast the last year went and the amount of change that took place. She is SO EXCITED for her party and has been having "play" parties with all her stuffed friends in her playroom upstairs. I hear her singing "happy birthday" multiple times a day and find that the party hat rotates from friend to friend. Her party is at the most dreaded place in all of the universe to adults. I'm sure her friend's parents hate my guts but the fact that there is NO STRESS to have my house spotless and food planned and decorations attended to, etc, is simply MARVELOUS. Today I went and bought favors for 12 children. TWELVE!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I don't really even know how we know that many kids, though most of them are admittedly our friends' children. But there's one girl from "school" coming, 2 neighbor kids, a cousin and her 2 very best friends in all the world in that count. (aka MY best friend's kids--she has no choice BUT for those kids to her her 2 very best friends!) When I invited all those kids, I figured surely at least a third would decline. Only 1 kid cannot make it.  And can I just rant that birthday party favors are like the most expensive after thought to party planning ever? When did favors even become customary anyways? I never had birthday parties as a child, they were totally a luxury my parents could not afford. I think that's probably why I tend to go overboard on birthday planning in general, too. Luckily, I think my husband gets this because he never says a word. Anyways. I bought princess stuff for the girls and Cars stuff for the boys. Little L loves both so everyone wins. In fact? She helped me pick everything out today. I cannot believe she is old enough to have so much say in these things. Sigh.

The Treadmill

Oh the freaking treadmill. Up front, we were incredibly torn between 2 models. And they were sold at two different stores. After agonizing and hours of web research from personal reviews (yea, we're those people), we finally settled on one from Sears. They offered free delivery and set up with it, so that part of the deal kinda pushed us over the edge. They delivered it Monday. Delivery dudes carried it upstairs (no small feat, our stairs bend and are NOT moving friendly) and one guy set it up and plugged it in to see if everything worked properly. All of the sudden, the fire alarm starts going off in the house. We are both running around room to room frantically trying to find smoke, the baby is screaming, Little L is screaming and holding her ears, the dog is barking... We couldn't find anything. And as if magic, it abruptly stops. We both shrugged our shoulders, delivery dude comes downstairs and then takes off in his truck. Well. We went upstairs to check the treadmill out and the moment I hit "start" to get going on the thing, what do you think happened? Dang fire alarm went off again... and the moment I hit "stop," it stopped. We were dumbfounded. It wasn't when you turned the power on/off, ONLY when you turned on the actual motor. There wasn't even time for smoke to hit the air if it were smoking. After some research, we discovered that hard-wired smoke detectors are a real nuisance and can be set off by all kind of power surges. So J called the treadmill manufacturer who said that there was probably something wrong with the motor causing the surge and to call Sears to replace it..... (yes, there is an end to this story) and those turkeys at Sears were USELESS. The store manager was downright rude to poor J and he never gets mad over anything. Long.story.short. We are letting Sears pick the thing back up and ordered the other treadmill we were torn on originally from the other retailer. J just wants to prove a point and punish Sears. So hopefully by the end of this week? I'll have a freaking treadmill.

The trip

I need that treadmill because I have to be in swimwear within less than 6 weeks. In front of the president of my husband's company. Yes, we booked the trip. My parents are going to watch the girls the first 2 days and an AWESOME friend of ours (you know who you are!!!) is going to stay with them the other 2 days. We are truly so blessed with wonderful, helpful and trustworthy people in our life. I am still totally dreading leaving the baby but... you know.... I'll deal with it when we get there.

Other stuff

Today I caught sight of myself in a mirror at the store and I saw that I had baby snot all over the front of my shirt and a good 3" of roots that need to be highlighted. I also have terrible coffee stains on my teeth and could use a mani/pedi like you wouldn't believe. At some point later in the day, Little L told me "mama, you so beautiful..." unprompted. No idea how she knew I needed that. My new skincare regimen is about a week in and so far? I am rather pleased. I can feel a big difference and my sweet husband touched my face last night and commented on how soft/smooth my skin felt. I'm going to say it was money well spent.

Well. I am rather tired and cannot think of a witty ending here.... so? The end. :)


  1. soo weird about the fire alarm treadmill thing! hope you get the new one soon!

    3 ahhhh! 3!!! sooo insane! ivy is 3 in 2 months, where or where did the time go.

    YAY trip!

  2. I am so glad you had a new realization and are taking care of yourself. You 'sound' so much more positive and happy. I am so glad that S is doing well with formula and sleeping well. FYI, our friend's second child sat, rolled, and crawled months later than their first child did, but walked 1.5 months sooner. Not to scare you, but be prepared - S may have an ace in the hole! L sounds positively adorable and sweet.
    I am so glad that the trip worked out for you and your husband. "Why is it SO EASY for me to put my kids before my husband like that? He is my #1 earthly priority and it means SO MUCH to him for me to be there in support of him and enjoying time alone together..." from your previous post is another great word of wisdom from you.
    Again, I am SO glad to find that you are still posting!! Silly phone!

  3. Your voice sounds great in these posts lately- it's really nice to read. Love the update. I hope we get to hear all about the b-day party soon!
    PS. that is awesome you are able to go on the trip. I am green with envy. :)

  4. Awesome girl! Tell us about this makeup regimen, please please? :)

    I don't know how they're three, but either way, I'm forever grateful to be on this journey with you. :)