Monday, November 7, 2011

monday morning bits & pieces

* I am SO in love with my baby. I forgot the magical feeling of being utterly smitten with a new person in your life. Yes, they are awesome when they are first born and yes, I did love her a ton then. But as I get to know her personality and she interacts with more as the days pass, she becomes this awesome little human being that I cannot stop admiring. I feel like she just beams sunshine and joy 24/7. The child is radiant.

* I tried adding soy in to my diet a few times a couple weeks ago and while she didn't seem to have a HUGE reaction, she did act differently from her usual cheerful self. She also spit up all over me for the first time in months. I haven't tried again since. I think I've just conceded that I'd rather miss out on all my favorite holiday foods (mashed potatoes, stuffing, buttery corn, sweet potato casserole) this year than for one second risk her being in pain or unhappy. I will wait until 6 months in January to try again. I've made it almost 4 months nursing her and survived the MSPI diet. I'm pretty proud of that right now. If she has problems at 6 months, I'll likely spend a year of my life without any milk or soy proteins.

* I was quietly nursing her in bed at around 11:00 on Saturday night when I felt the bed MOVE. Then I realized the entire house was swaying a tiny bit and the monitor in Little L's room kicked on and I felt like I must have fallen asleep and been dreaming the whole thing because what the what? How could our house be moving? I didn't mention it to J because he was sleeping and I really thought I must have been losing my mind. I woke up the next day to see news of a 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma. That was an aftershock I felt. IN TEXAS. AN EARTHQUAKE AFTERSHOCK. On a known fault line. Fancy that.

* Baby sleeping. UGH. It isn't that I mind waking up to feed and snuggle her at any time of the night AT ALL. In fact, I love those moments. What is difficult is that she sleeps 8-9 hours without so much as a peep one night and then wakes up 4 times during the night the next. Literally. The inconsistency has me stumped. I'm ready to move her to the nursery as soon as she is sleeping though most nights. But seeing as how she cannot seem to make up her mind what she wants to do, she is still in our room for now. Trekking upstairs multiple times a night is just not in my plan right now.

* I've been trying to explain Christmas to Little L. She is thoroughly confused. We went to get a new tree (yes, it is early but they were on sale!) last week and she was WOWED by the display of trees, decorations, lights and the like. She obviously doesn't remember last year. She's been asking for us to take her "to Christmas" ever since. I've backed off talking about it, considering it is still almost 2 months away. I am so excited for it, I already have presents stashed all over the house.

* We bought this movie over the weekend to watch with Little L. She absolutely LOVES the first one. J took her to see it in the theater when it opened (the week baby S was born) and she seemed to like it and he said it was "okay." I was so NOT impressed. It was too complicated, too boring and too violent for my taste (for my almost 3 year old child). I had planned to save it for a Christmas gift, but I'm already sitting on 2 other movies right now as it is. I think it is really ridiculous we've spent that much money in MOVIES.

* We also bought Little L tickets to this for an early Christmas present. Yea. Seems like such a silly thing to do, but she'll LOVE it. We only sprung for 1 adult ticket, so daddy will take her. I had NO IDEA how expensive these kind of things really were. $30 alone in service fees to Ticket.master. That's just WRONG, it seems like they should give some kind of break for a children's event?

* Just over 2 weeks to Thanksgiving? Yow. It is going to be 2012 before we know it. Time kicks in to warp speed when you have children, it is absurd.

Love and blessings to all!


  1. In the last week the TRU, Tar.get, and toy ads have come in the paper. Saturday I sat him at the table with the 3 ads and told him to let me know what he wanted. I expected him to WANT everything in them, but he very carefully paged through them and randomly said "OH MY GOSH!" when he found something he liked. It was the most hilarious ever. I don't expect to buy him anything that he specifically mentioned (because he didn't even know what half of it was), but it was fun to see the sparkle in his eyes for a bit. They're also leading into advent stuff at school and lots of "baby Jesus" talk. I hope we can hit a happy medium between the Reason for the Season and letting him have some magical moments.

  2. Good to hear from you! I am getting insanely excited about Christmas, even though I know E. won't have a clue about what's going on this year.

    I tried putting cheese back in my diet twice over the last couple of weeks- no dice. E's doctor says to wait now until he is 9 months before trying again.

    Would love any assvice you have on MSPI meals, and where milk/soy lurk that I might not be expecting. I just figured out that there is soybean oil in the peanut butter we have. Gah.

    The time is FLYING here. Can't believe it. E. is six months!


  3. Somehow my husband and I didn't notice the earth quake. Still not sure how we didn't notice. I guess we're just really unobservative during our cuddle time.

    My goal for this Christmas is to buy our first nativity set. I don't know how we don't already have one, but we will get one this year. I'm pretty excited. Just have to find the right one. I am introducing BB to the idea of Santa just so that she will stop throwing tantrums when I tell her Santa won't bring her presents. lol

  4. G asks to go "to christmas" too! it is hilarious, and thoroughly confusing to explain.

    if babies could just be consistent with their nonsleep or sleep patterns it wouldn't sting quite so bad, ya know!

    also, omg earthquake! we had one here recently, it is so wierd.