Wednesday, May 30, 2012


1) Why does almost every mainstream animated movie have a dead or dying parent involved in the story line?

2) I love going outside but it has become SUCH A PAIN since we have small kids. My girls are so incredibly fair and I am constantly terrified of them getting sunburned and the sunblock application process is such a tremendously time consuming (albeit completely worthy) ordeal and I sometimes ask myself IS IT WORTH IT or should I just put on a movie? More often then not, yes, it is worth it, but I seriously dread the whole thing every time. My poor children get red from being outside for just a few minutes so sunblock is never optional. Plus, there is the whole thing about how sunblocks that contain anything with the suffix "benzone" are the REASON for the rise in melanoma as opposed to the decline, so I am meticulous to use zinc oxide product only on them and I wish it came in spray form but I have yet to find one.

3) I am also a bug MAGNET and for some reason I get bit by something every single time I step out my door. I am currently sporting at least 3 bites that I believe to be mosquito and I have a huge spider bite from almost a month ago that is taking an eternity to heal. I must be delicious?

4) I just bought new running shoes like 3 months ago but I really don't like them. I can't return them at this point because it took me a while to figure out how much I don't like them and I HATE that I wasted $100 on them. I really want to go to one of those fancy stores that hooks your feet up to a computer and tests your actual running to pick the perfect shoe for you. Can someone explain to my husband why I need this after having just spent $100 on shoes? I'm planning on running at least 2 half marathons in the fall, maybe I can convince him...

5) My average mile pace for short runs when I first got back to running seriously in February was just shy of 10 min/mile and I am presently at the 8:20-8:30/mile mark and I am so proud of myself. I think my long runs are going to stay around the 8:48-9:00/mile area and I'm thrilled with that, too. This might not be fast to some people but it is MY personal best.

6) I accidentally requested my husband's ex-girlfriend as a friend on FB. She accepted. This whole situation is very, VERY strange. But isn't that the whole point of FB, to make life exceptionally weird and awkward?

7) Everyone is talking about the 50 Shades book and while I don't judge anyone for the choices they make, I am not interested in reading it. I've felt convicted to really keep smut out of my life and I find it odd that a book that is basically porn.ography in word has been so socially accepted and talked about by women of all ages. And I think since SO many women are talking about it, it is drawing in women that normally wouldn't have any interest. This article that my sweet friend Jill recently shared seems to hit the nail on the head. Plus for me? My time is so precious these days and I'm painfully selective as to how I spend it.

8) We cannot decide if or where we should take our family vacation this year. We went to the gulf coast for a wedding in early May and it was just such a BEATING to be away from home with an infant and a toddler. If it was just Little L, it would be a no brainer to go spend a week at the beach or Disney but really, what do you do with a baby on vacation? It is all the stress of regular life at home except away from all the usual comforts, right? Am I just being negative? I really want a vacation but I just don't know if I can handle it right now. Or if it would be worth the expense.

9) I need to make dinner. And give baths. And pull the laundry out of the dryer... and finish some work stuff... And with that, I hope you all have a marvelous summer evening. ;)  (JUNE!!! IT IS ALMOST JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. 1. I don't get the Disney dead parent thing. I really don't.
    2. I would kill for zinc oxide sunscreen in a spray form. E. is super fair as well and I can already see how annoying this is going to be.
    4. YES! There is no point in running if you hate your shoes. Especially when you are doing serious mileage.
    5. Amazing improvement! Well done you!
    7. I am all for a bit of raciness in my books, but I have no interest in reading a book that is badly written, which I gather these books are. So I'm steering clear of them as well.
    8. Could you do a staycation and both take some time off work and just do fun things in your area with the girls? So they get the quality time with you both, but there isn't the hassle and expense of going somewhere when S. is really too young to appreciate it.


  2. 1) Yes, and I don't get it. Does anyone die in Cars? I don't know if we've ever watched more than 30 minutes of it at a time, and my brain likes to block "Yightning" out as much as possible.

    2) We just use spray Coppertone, and my boys don't burn too easily, but I'll look for something better, thanks for the heads up!

    3) Zomg, me too with the bugs lately!!

    4) Go get shoes, pronto! Come up here, we have a great running store!

    5) Freakishly fast, and awesome.

    6) HAAAA!

    7) Amen. I just don't read fiction, ever, and especially have no desire to read that.

    8) I think we're not taking a vacation this summer. Maybe this fall, give me 4 months to get past the JUDE GET OUT OF THAT, NO NO NO season of life.


  3. 1. I have no idea. It was especially awful in the year after my own mom died.
    2. Sunscreen drama. I also am very selective about sunscreen and went to the pricier, "safer" ones - which do not come in spray. Spray is considered unsafe as well because it can be inhaled and harm the lungs...why can't it just be EASY and SAFE???
    3.I feel you! I am also a magnet for insect bites.
    5. AWESOME! That is fabulous.
    6. Oops...
    7. I have also chosen not to read it or similar books.
    8. I think that any vacation is what you choose to make of it. We have done baby included trips to a city and to the beach. Both were good. He loved to look at bright museum displays and he loved the sand and water. MH and I both refuse to do the expense and hassle of Disney with any child until the child has the stamina to walk on their own throughout the park and will have memories of the Disney awesomeness.
    9. Glad you took the time to update us! :)

  4. Um...I just left you a big ole long comment and my computer messed up and it didn't post. UGH!

  5. Let's try this again...

    I googled zinc oxide spray sunscreen and there are several options for kiddos. Thanks for telling me about the whole "benzone" thing! I'm going to try the zinc spray and see if Amelia's sensitive skin can stand it. I've been using Aveeno Kids.

    We have gone to the beach every year for many years so we kept going when Amelia was born. It's definitely different with kiddos but I love it so much. We stay at a place in Destin that's only 3 stories...this year we booked a condo on the bottom level so we literally walk out our patio door and we're on the beach. Just steps away. It's the only way to do it when you're toting kids and all their STUFF. It will be so much easier to take them up for naps and lunch as well. Even though...Amelia napped on the beach when she was a newborn - I'm hoping Sydney does the same!

    I want to try running again. Alex said I could go get fitted for shoes. I just need to find time to do that. Oh, and find time to actually run. HAHA! I need to lose 30 lbs by August. Think that's possible? ;)

    Mosquitoes love me too. Came home from the lake sporting two huge welts from them. Not cool!

  6. Congrats on running !! I would be willing to take said shoes off of you depending on the size =]

    I also saw that they had 110 spf in Kr.oger brand sunscreen. My kids get red easily and I usually use the 50, but I upped it to 70 and they still get brown.

    I hope you enjoy Florida ! Once I get a job =], I think we may go ahead a go there. But we will be flying, no driving for us...

  7. My big question is where is Andy's dad in Toy Story? I know, totally weird, but I always wonder that. Did Woody come from Adny's dad? Maybe his grandpa? How did Woody get handed down? Why is he so rare? Okay, I'll stop now. But the whole 1-parent theme has not been lost on me.

    Nice job on the running. I can't run that fast for very long even if I wanted to. Bad knees. If you're going to run marathons, you totally need good shoes. Otherwise you could hurt yourself in the long term.

    On the bug front, they LOVE my husband too, but I rarely get bit. I always attribute it to a week-long trek I took when I was 18 where I constantly doused myself in Deep Woods Off with deet. I think the deet must have never left my system, because bugs haven't liked me since then. Maybe it did something bad, but I won't complain about the good it apparently did. ;)

    I've heard about the 50 shades, but I have no idea what its about, just that women really like it.