Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bow to the pink plastic throne


That's right. You're staring at the face of my weekend. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, to be exact. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to FORCE the issue of potty training. Maybe it was the fact that I am tired of paying for pull-ups, the biggest scam in all of the diapering industry. (they are MORE absorbent than diapers and do not promote any desire to pull them up and down oneself, I promise) Maybe it was because I boldly announced to everyone within earshot during the entire month of December that at the new year I was going to make this priority.

MAYBE IT WAS BECAUSE MY CHILD IS ALMOST THREE YEARS OLD!!!! And one of only TWO children left in her MDO class (10 kids total) that is still showing up to class with wipes and pull-ups.

Either way, I woke up Saturday morning and decided this was THE weekend. I have loosely read just about every potting training method on the market (and only then just outlines online for free--I never bought any of the books) and the 3-day method appealed to me the most and seemed the most practical. I didn't even follow the program word for word, just decided to take the basic structure of it and do it my way.

I mean, ultimately we were driven to this point because it was my fault I didn't push the issue when she was actually ready. She was quite ready when I was 8 months pregnant but I? Didn't have the patience or desire to deal with all the effort at the time, and she lost all desire once her sister came. And let me tell you, if you haven't potty trained someone yet, there is a LOT of effort involved. At least for us there has been.

SO. That is all I'm going to say about the details of potty training her because it is really her private business, literally. She's actually doing pretty darn good at this point, I'm quite impressed with her. Accidents have been had and I am POSITIVE will continue to be had. However, we are off on the right foot and it is too late to turn back now. I am committed to this effort. I pray to be 100% there by her 3rd birthday in March.


Also? I have this on my hands:

This is what my wise best friend refers to as the classic "teething pose." This baby has been shoving her fingers in her mouth non-stop for 2 weeks. Her temperament has been wonderfully sweet and easy going the past few days, but she's definitely been "complaining" about the pain in her mouth. (I swear it sounds like she's saying "mama" over and over again, though I realize she isn't) Today I took a peek in there while she was having a small screaming frenzy and I saw a small white nub poking through on the bottom front along with 4 swollen and bloodshot looking bulges in her gums. How is it possible my little bitty baby is already getting teeth???!! This makes me want to cry. She'll be SIX MONTHS old in 9 days.


Other random things?

*I dropped my phone in the new adorable case my husband gave me for Christmas and though the case totally did its job and saved the phone, the lovely thing cracked and broke.

*We discovered Whole-Foods prepares MSPI friendly pizza in store in a brick oven open flame. Husband got me one Saturday night sans cheese with artichoke hearts and garlic. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

*I caved and tried the dark chocolate last night. With the wine. I think we're ok. She was quite fussy this morning, but see above photo. I didn't notice that white nub until this afternoon so I'm betting white nub = source of morning fussiness instead of chocolate. (at least this is what I'm hoping, because that chocolate was SO GOOD) (as an aside, having a baby who is MSPI with reflux and nursing combined with teething and regular baby stuff is just downright HARD--it is so difficult to read them and determine what exactly is going on sometimes!)

*Little L told me today, totally unprompted, that "mama is my best friend." TEARS IN MY EYES, friends.

*God reminded me this week that even though things in my life often seem crazy, overwhelming and some days down right insurmountable, that I should always choose JOY. Happiness just happens from time to time, but joy is a feeling we choose to have in spite of all our circumstance. And my word, I CHOOSE JOY.

Hope this finds you all joyful today!


  1. good luck with the potty training!!!!!

    I love the choice joy. SO good.


  2. Joy to the world! Way to go for L doing good on the pink throne :)

    Kade got his first tooth at just on 6 months and now has 4 (yes 4) - they came way too quickly for my liking (he's 2.5 weeks away from 8 months - WHEN did that fricking happen???)

    Much love

  3. Good work Miss L! If you have any tips on overnight training I'm all ears. He's great during the day, even during naps, but overnight is still Pull Up city.

    S is growing up, she's so adorable. I think I see a lot of your girls in each other - yet they definitely have their own little (gorgeous) looks. I thought B and j were twins separated by 2 years for the first 4 months of j's life, but now they look sooo different to me. Funny how that all works.

    Love you!

  4. Oh man, I so hear you on the overanalzying- every time E. is remotely out of sorts I start wondering what it is that is bothering his tummy. But sometimes it is teeth. Or a developmental leap. Or who knows!


  5. You make me laugh so hard. I about needed a Pull Up when I read the quote under the pic of the potty. I OWN YOU. HAHAHA!

    Amelia has asked about going pee-pee in the potty and just sits there when we sit her on it. I'm not sure she's ready. How do you know??

  6. Good luck with the potty training! She'll get there and you've got the right attitude with it! I can't believe how big and beautiful baby is getting! Time is just flying. ((hugs))

  7. Way to go girly!!! Abigail was over 3 when she finally potty-trained. I hope Zoë gives me an easier time of it. We just bought he a potty chair (she turned 2 in Oct). I shudder thinking about it. For now it is just a decoration in our dining room for all she cares.

  8. Potty training SUCKS. The end. The way we finally did it was to just pull the diapers one weekend and deal with the accidents. I invested in training pants, which are thicker than panties, so that at least the accidents wouldn't run down her legs and all over the floor. Totally worth it. When the weekend was over, she was potty trained! It just takes gritting your teeth and being ready with the Spot Shot. lol

    BTW, I hate the kid potties. We had two, one for downstairs and one for up. The get so gross and they smell foul. I couldn't wait to wean BB off of those too. Blech!