Friday, December 9, 2011

ramblings and updates

1) It is Christmas time and I am LOVING IT. We are ready and enjoying every day of December. Two 9' trees were decorated, countless presents have already been wrapped and one little girl has fallen hopelessly in love with "the numbers house." (aka Advent calendar) I've loved all the witty bloggers who've had a fun advent activity scheduled for each day and I wish I were that creative and able to do something similar. Instead, my advent calendar is plainly stuffed with hers.hey kisses and a few random gift tags scattered in each week associated with presents under the tree we are letting her open early. She doesn't seem to mind the simplicity and asks to open the doors FIRST THING every morning.

2) In conjunction with Christmas, I've had to refine my parenting skills and work on how I want to approach the holiday season with my children. I've already begun to see how the whole "gifts, gifts, gifts" and "gimme, gimme, gimme" aspect of this time of year can TAKE OVER in no time flat. Between all the holiday themed cartoons and conflicting information she gets from everyone who talks to her about the subject, I've really had to take a step back and evaluate my stance on certain things. I love the idea of Christmas being a magical time for her, but want her to understand that it is primarily a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, be with family and be charitable to others in need. Santa is a nice man who does his best to bring a toy to children each year and she'll get 1 gift from him while she still believes in his existence. I don't like the idea of "naughty/nice," because I don't see how holding the threat of no presents over her throughout the year is ever going to be a good parenting strategy for me. And when it comes down to it? I'd never, ever change my gift buying/giving plan based on whether or not she's a "good" or "bad" girl. I mean, she's MY DAUGHTER and I love her and her Christmas gift experience every year has no bearing whatsoever on how she acts. My parenting and her behavior will always be unrelated to Christmas.

3) My Christmas wish list? Because I KNOW you're all dying to see it.

4) Her daddy finally got her room painted and we LOVE it. I also found some adorable bird wall decals on at PBK for $12 (yes, they sell things for that cheap, WHO KNEW?!) and I just ADORE THEM.

5) Baby S is doing well, though "sleeping through the night" definitely still eludes us. Bedtime is a snap, I put her down in her crib somewhere between 7:30-8:00 each night and she goes right to sleep. She gets a "dream feed" at 11:00 before I go to bed and then it's just anyone's guess from there. She still usually wakes up 2-3 times a night. I try not to feed her until after 4:00 AM. More often than not, she winds up in our room after that time. Trekking up and down the stairs in the middle of the night is just killing me but it is important to me she gets used to her room, albeit for a few hours at nighttime. (she takes a day naps up there, too)

6) We're still nursing and living the MSPI dream. I bought a bottle and have a can of Alim.entum sitting in my pantry but I just can't bring myself to give her formula. I don't know why. I'm just not ready I guess. Despite the continued issue with blocked ducts and my diet drama, I know deep down inside that breastmilk is just the best for her. Plus, I think the hardest part in all of this for me is the fact that I already nursed a baby for 12 months. I know just how awesome and easy it is and I KNOW I CAN DO IT. So, I decided instead of putting any kind of formal timeline in my head over this, I'm just going to take it day by day. I'll either get to a breaking point or we'll just overcome, right? I did give her some rice cereal over the weekend and she did great. I should probably be giving it more often but eh? Feeding solids takes SO MUCH EFFORT and if I'm being honest? I don't have the energy for it on top of everything else right now. I'll get to it next week, right? ;-) AND? I found a picture of Little L the first time I put her in the high chair and I am shocked that my girls do ACTUALLY look alike. I've never thought they did until just now.

7) Its that time of year where all the local radio stations are doing their holiday wishes for families in need and every time I get in the car these days, I wind up crying. Yesterday I heard a story about a baby diagnosed with leukemia at 3 months and all she and her parents have been through. And I think to myself that MSPI is NOTHING. NOTHING. The "drama" we've dealt with from it is nothing compared to people with genuinely sick kids. I should feel GRATEFUL she's alive every time I hear her cry and wake me up at night time. And all the tantrums and lack of potty training interest in the world cannot compare to a child who is too sick to put up a fight or argue with me all day long. I take for granted that all the frustrating things my kids do are the actions of incredibly healthy children and instead of feeling frustrated or complaining, I should THANK GOD for those things.

8) Work is so busy. I am taking on more responsibilities that I feel will actually advance my future career path and somewhere in my head realize that in actively agreeing to take this stuff on I am acknowledging that motherhood is not the end of my professional life. I think part of me always wondered if I'd throw myself back in to full time working world at some point when my kids are in school and YES. Yes, I will. I really like that part of myself. I'm good at what I do.

9) I am a LOUSY blog friend. It takes me forever to comment, if at all, and I stink at responding to emails. Just know I love you guys, I pray you are all enjoying my very favorite time of year and I wish Christmas blessings for you all!!


  1. So much fun! Love the photo updates too! They DO really look a lot alike, who knew?! I didn't see it until you posted the side by side. I think the same of B and j though too, everyone says they don't look anything alike until we pull out pics of them at the same age and WHOA they look like the same kid.

    Merry, merry Christmas my dear!

  2. wow update! haha! glad to see things are going well :) love the room and the trees!! i agree it is easy to be so thankful for everything when you hear some of the stories others are going through, we are lucky girls!


  3. Does L. have her own bathroom?! I don't think I've ever had my own bathroom!

    Love all the updates. Thanks too for the perspective. I'm having a day where I would pull my own hair out (except that E. is doing this for me every chance he gets) and it is nice to be reminded that all the things that I find so impossibly frustrating in the moment, really don't matter long term.

    I think a lot about Christmas too. We are a secular household here, mostly, but I still don't want E. to get caught up in the insane commercialism.

    My latest discovery? Balsamic vinegar has 'natural flavour' in it. You have got to be KIDDING me.


  4. oh wow - L's room is fabulous! And I *heart* your Christmas trees!

    The girls do look alike! At first glance, it looks like the same little person!

  5. Hey Mel! I've been really bad about reading your blog for since Thanksgiving and I apologize! Work is so busy lately and at home there is NO time to get on the computer and plus your blog link is at work on my work computer, hince forgetting to check it during work. I love reading your blog and will try to stay more on top of it. I've stopped blogging, I think b/c I have no one even reading anymore. SO I'll just read others' . S is beautiful! L is getting so big! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. I'm so glad I finally thought to ask you for your new blog address again. So happy to catch up on what your sweet family is doing these days. :)

    Happy New Year, friend!!