Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 months (or 2 years, 7 months)

Yes, I realize this is a random age for an update on Little L. But? I've been doing a lousy job at updates on her, so now is better than never!

I cannot believe how big she has gotten. She's currently 39" tall and 32 lbs. I have no idea where that puts her on a growth chart, but I suspect she's on the big side. She looks huge compared to kids in her age group. I also guess that she's on the verge of a growth spurt as she asks to eat constantly. CONSTANTLY. "Mama, eat?" "Mama, I'm hungry." "Mama, time for yunch?" Just this morning, she's already eaten an entire bowl of frosted miniwheats, a cup of milk, a nutrigrain bar and a cup of yogurt. It's only 10AM. She often will eat 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast now and rarely leaves her plate anything but clean at meal times. We thank God every day for the food he provides us with, I never realized how thankful I really should be until now. Teenage boy or toddler? I had to stop letting her have milk with every meal, she was asking for it constantly and we were going through a half gallon in a matter of days. I also finally switched her from whole to 2%.

Current favorite movie? Tangled. I am so thankful, too. I was really getting sick of watching Cars. We went through a few week obsession with Beauty-and-the-Beast (my personal favorite Dis.ney princess movie) but it was dethroned with Tangled all of the sudden. She's gotten a Rapunzel costume for Halloween (though, all the sudden she's asking to be a cow this week) and a Rapunzel doll she loves to drag around the house. I asked her one day which her favorite princess was "Rapunzel or Belle?" To which she thoughtfully replied "Rapunzel. Because she has beautiful hair like me. And mama."

She still loves her Cars toys, though. They are EVERYWHERE. And I mean that literally. I am constantly stepping on them, digging them out of her bed, shoving them in storage bins in the playroom and finding them under the seats of the van. The child is spoiled rotten. I never understood how parents could just buy stuff nonstop for their kids and then? I had one sweet, doe-eyed, witty little girl come in to my life and boom. SPOILED ROTTEN CENTRAL. Her daddy is worse than me. He can't seem to go to the store without coming back with something for her. (Note to self: Do NOT grocery shop at Super.Target. It's too tempting.)

We started her in a mothers day out program at church last month ("school") and she has done just wonderfully. She actually asks to go every morning when she wakes up... I only wish she could go more than 2 days a week! They do lots of art projects, chapel, Spanish lessons, gymnastics, music and fun monthly scheduled events. Everyone compliments on how well-behaved she is and how smart she is. Her favorite part of the day is helping me pack her precious Mc.Queen yunch-box before we leave the house. Tomorrow they are having a petting zoo and pony rides and I am SO excited for her!

I am amazed at the language development from 2 years to now. She is a total chatterbox, we cannot get her to stop talking. And the things she comes up with are hilarious. Her favorite phrases: "That sounds silly." "I'm ok." "Don't worry, Mama/Daddy." "Don't cry, Mama/Daddy." "Thank you, JESUS!" (said after EVERY prayer, with hands reaching out to the heavens) She prays on her own, regularly. They are always the same, thanking the Lord for the day and asking Him to watch over Mama, Daddy, herself, baby sister and the dog. Her daddy was out of town for business last week and came home while she was in "school." When I picked her up I told her that he had a prize waiting for her at home and she informed me "Whoa. That sounds pretty neat." Now every time she comes home from school she asks him where her prize is. I laugh so much every day now.

Sure, she has attitude and tantrums. As she develops her own thoughts about things, I find that I cannot just do anything for her anymore. She wants to pick out and do everything herself. And when she does happen to throw a fit, it is over the most bizarre things! She'll never cry or fuss if we leave her at the church nursery or her grandparents like so many other children do, yet she'll WAIL her head off if you just buckle her carseat instead of letting her do it. We actually got in to a massive argument at the grocery store one day when I wouldn't let her push the cart (with the baby in it) and I actually had to grab both children and LEAVE a half full cart on the aisle, without buying anything. I never dreamed I'd actually had to do that, but I did!

We're slowly hitting the "girly" phase. She's finally interested in playing dress up, hair styling, singing, dancing, picking out her own clothes and staring at her beautiful face in the mirror. This morning she decided she wanted to wear a green tutu and silver sparkle shoes. Her hair is so long and pretty, I love braiding it or even just brushing it for her. (she also loves to brush my hair, as well) I have not had her hair cut once in her life! It is starting to look a little ratty on the ends, though, so I am pretty sure I'll take her in to see my stylist in the next few weeks. Naturally, my husband thinks this is ridiculous and I should just take her in to a super-cuts or something, but I remember MANY a bad haircut from those places as a child and I will not let them ruin this child's gorgeous locks!

I feel like I'm forgetting so many things about her. I barely recognize the little baby she was in photos anymore... she is such a little person. She is a wonderful big sister, constantly asking to be near the baby or hold her hand. Loves to help me change and throw away diapers and is always there to help me whenever I need it I am loving seeing the world through her eyes. Things like the pumpkin patch, the state fair, the holidays, birthdays... she really "GETS" all of it now instead of just being dragged along because we wanted her to go. And every time she just busts out with an "I yub you, mama" I feel as if I never knew how amazing life truly was before now.


  1. awe she sounds so wonderful! and reminds me of ivy! i love this age :) really i have loved every age, but it is so fun watching ivy learn the world!

  2. You are too cute! Love to hear all about L and how big she's getting. It's crazy how fast it flies. I wish I could say that the tantrums get better at 3 but they definitely don't. :-( That said, the awesome sweetness and wittiness gets even better. And just wait until they start playing together! That is beyond words. :-)


  3. 2-year-olds are seriously fun. The fun far outweighs the tantrums. I love how they say hilarious things. I love how you get to be silly and act like a kid again because of your 2-year-old. But like you were saying, I love that they finally understand what it means to go to the zoo, or what they want to dress up as for Halloween. This is going to be the first year our daughters really comprehend Christmas.

    It cracks me up when they want to watch the same movie over and over, but mostly because I remember doing that as a kid. Its funny to see your kids doing the same things you did as a kid.

    Have an awesome time at the fair!

  4. Love the update! It's so fun to read these updates because I just sit here nodding my head because we are SO THERE. From McQueen, to the un-ending desire to "eat yunch now?", to the need to hold the baby's hand. Twinkies they will forever be. :) She's so precious, I love the little girl she's turning into.